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Serving Christ and the Westville Community

Since 1901


10AM  | Sunday

311 E. Moses Ave.   Westville, IL


Believing that Christ has called his Church to be one, in 1957, four denominations—Congregational, Christian, Evangelical, and Reformed—merged to become the United Church of Christ.  

What you will encounter in any individual UCC congregation will be influenced by its roots.  That means that some UCC congregations are quite liberal, while others are rather conservative.  What calls us together and keeps us together is simply our belief that Christ intends his Church to be united and uniting, seeking to work together to find common ground in spite of any differences.  “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, diversity; and in all things, grace” is an apt description of life in the UCC today.


Just as in the denomination as a whole, here at Trinity, you will find some people who tend to be theologically conservative, others who are liberal, and many who fall somewhere in between.  We affirm the right of individual conscience and responsibility, while also embracing the understanding that God has called us into a covenant relationship with God and one another, to love and serve God and neighbor in all we do as individuals and as a congregation.


For a general statement of what those in the UCC believe, click here.